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We've gathered stories from Lifeline recipients about why the program matters to them and what it would mean to lose access to it.


I depend on Lifeline to access health services.

I am disabled and low income. I depend on the Lifeline program to provide services that my health and financial needs are dependent on such as accessing my bank, ordering prescriptions, supplements, groceries, special needs items, clothing, and the primary source of social interaction from my online support groups. If I were cut off from these services I would not just be homebound I would be isolated as well.
— Lettie, Kansas

The Lifeline rollback would disconnect my family.

I have family in Puerto Rico and disconnecting Lifeline would be disconnecting us entirely.
— Angel, New Jersey

Lifeline is essential to call for help.

As a Lifeline beneficiary, I’d be lost with the support to pay my landline telephone bill. I’m a disabled veteran, and can’t even afford a cell phone, so a landline is essential to call for help, and the support from Lifeline is essential to maintain that service.
— Ianto, Texas